Rochdale Uprising’ is an ambitious and unique new mural festival to take place over bank holiday weekend (23rd - 26th August). World renowned artist will travel to the town and adorn its drab buildings with beautiful artwork inspired by Rochdale’s rich heritage. Accompanied by a plethora of workshops, gallery space, fringe events, screenings and artists talks all accessible for free to the general public for all ages and cultures.

The Primary aim for the first edition of Rochdale Uprisng is to breathe life back into the town through a series of iconic murals, showcasing local and internationally renowned artistic talent as well as some of the diverse networks of creative organisations in and around Rochdale and Greater Manchester .



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Uprising is lead by local muralist duo Nomad Clan (Joy Gilleard & Hayley Garner who’s home town is Rochdale!). 

“One of the core motives for running a mural festival in Rochdale is to inspire and engage the young people through direct visible action. One of the many strengths of urban contemporary art is how readily available/ accessible it is, turning the streets into a gallery that only inspires imagination as opposed to the traditional elitist galleries that some people would never access. If someone had told me that I would have a career in muralism that would find me travelling all over the world, sustaining a comfortable living and having some of the richest life experiences I could imagine I never would have believed it... but the power is leading by example, seeing that in action and knowing it exists. Rochdale’s famed pioneering spirit, heritage and people deserve to be celebrated in a vibrant and fitting way and we believe that these murals, workshops and events will encourage the community to feel a renewed pride, sense of ownership, inspiration for change & economic growth via tourism.” Hayley, street artist, Nomad Clan


Uprising Festival is proudly sponsored/supported by the following 

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Selected spots around Rochdale Town Centre, For more info check out the map below 

23rd - 26th August 2019

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